Canadian Music Venues

The Gateway Restaurant and Bar

1301 16 Avenue NW, Calgary

The Gateway Restaurant and Bar brings talent from across Canada and beyond to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology campus. The student-run venue presents music that spans genres from metal to blues and more.

Canadian acts of all stripes stop through the Gateway on a regular basis. These include metal and hardcore bands such as Mandroid Echostar and Cancer Bats, indie rock mainstays like Wintersleep, Faith Healer and the Pack AD, and singer-songwriters like Jordan Klassen, Old Man Canyon and more. American rock acts frequently pass through, including Electric Six, Pop Evil and Diarrhea Planet, among others. In addition to music, the venue occasionally features comedy acts like Randy and Mr. Lahey from the hit Canadian TV series Trailer Park Boys.

The bar sits on the south end of the institute, inside SAIT’s campus centre. Shows are generally open to outside guests, though they occasionally offer free admission to students from SAIT and the Alberta College of Art and Design.